Producing memories to showcase with pride

Sarah Curtice Photography's aim in every photograph is to capture an essence of the subject's personality or tell a story from a moment in their life; may it be through an expression or lighting or an intensity of eye contact or good composition. To achieve this, Sarah tries to set the subject at ease so they shine through on their own merit. She strives to produce precious images for you and/or your family to cherish forever.  

Sarah Curtice Photography mainly specialise in portraiture but also photo documents events, like birthday parties, christenings or special functions and pretty much if it has an aesthetic quality to it she can put her photographic style to it.

With her expertise, she will try to tailor your session in the best way she can so she can approach it with your requirements in mind. Resulting in you both working together to create some images that you can cherish and want to show off with pride.

If you are interested in having a portrait or an event photographed etc, please don't hesitate to contact her.

Have a browse through her examples of her work in her portfolio to get an understanding of her artistic vision.