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profile photo of Sarah Curtice standing with camera in framing shop

​ I am passionate and get inspired by the day to day moments, from a beautiful sunset to a simple smile, and everything that lies in between but most importantly people and how they interact with each other.

Thanks to my training in photography, I now see the world around me with a potential photo snap-shot that is being created in my mind's eye. This helps with my documentary approach to my event photography and some extent all my portrait work. I try to blur the line between the two genres.

The visual arts has always intrigued me from an early age but family photos were the first interaction I had with my love of photography. I remember my mother always insisting on our annual posed family photo. Now I am a mother of two gorgeous children who keep me on my toes with their boundless energy, I truly understand the urge to find a way to imprint the family, 'my family', and its memory on to this world. I want to help other families to do that too and I aim to help, with my photography.

Since starting my own family, I can relate to the day to day demands of family life and thus am very considerate of everyone's needs and understanding to unforeseen events when dealing with my clients. For instance, if your baby is needing a feed or nappy change etc I am very willing to extend your session to accommodate your needs.

My sessions are to be enjoyed and not to be rushed. I try to work, within reason, to the time schedule of my clients. My aim is for them to have fun as I too like to have fun in my sessions. I have a bubbly and cheeky personality but know when to be professional and serious.

As already mentioned, my passion for photography started at a young age but in particular playing with my dad's Minolta SLR camera and being intrigued by it's split focusing centre and metering needle. Becoming a self confessed shutterbug required more understanding of the craft, which led me into taking a BTEC National Diploma and later, a BA Hons degree in Photography. To discover myself and which photographic avenue to take, I travelled around Africa on a gap year before my degree. This trip sealed my love for people and their ever changing expressions, intrigue and beauty and my second love which are animals, especially elephants, monkeys and the big cats.  

From working in a photographic studio and gaining work experience as a teacher's assistant on photography workshops for kids in the U.K and U.S.A and then photographing for a range of clients from Warner Chappell to The Architecture Foundation to Wokingham Council to everyday families, I can adapt my photo skills to many different situations.

As I work part time as a bespoke framing consultant at a local excellent bespoke framers in Reading, I am experienced in knowing how to guide you in the best products to showcase your imagery once I have produced them for you to further complete your overall experience from start to finish.

I recently have become a member of the Societies of Photographers which supports and guides me in giving the best experience to my clients.  

I have learnt how to get the best out whatever situation I am faced with. I put my heart and soul into every image. I like to find different ways into improving my photography as it is important to strive to be a better photographer, for you the client and for me too, the artist.

Family colour photo of man with two children sitting at a outdoor picnic



Making Memories out of Moments

It's not always about getting the perfectly posed family photo with everyone smiling looking at the camera. Its about capturing an essence of the family and their love for each other through the little moments. 
My kids are my muse and they are not the type of kids to stay still smiling when instructed. kids are just kids not models. They are just like an other kid out there.  So its my mission to try to capture their personality as that is what I will want to remember when I'm old and grey, not how smooth their clothes were. I hope my photos help with that, to show the authenticity of who they really are.

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