Wow! Haven't they grown.

January 30, 2018


My 5 year old daughter was asked by her teacher at school  to bring photos of herself, as a baby, as they are doing a project on how people grow up. Now this whole concept of looking into the past to understand how people change over time and thus using photography to aid those memories really intrigues me. The visual medium can trigger emotions and provoke understanding, even in the youngest audience. Looking at images I took of Sophie, she has changed so much. I am so thankful for my photos of her to remind me of how small and innocent she was then, and actually still is, even though she has become a little person with a big personality. I won't get those moments back of her as a baby but what is to come is just as important. We, as parents, must remember to grab hold of all those future moments and not let go by using the camera to facilitate that.


Watching and observing her growing up into a beautiful young girl is inspirational for the mother and the photographer in me, especially as she and her big brother are my muses.

While, I searched for her baby photos on my computer, I realised how disorganised I have become with my family photos. I need to group them together better. Storing memory cards worth of images on your computer (and of course the back ups on external hard drive) is all well and good but not having them in the folders and categories of 'year' and 'event name' will make it harder in the future to find photos to reminisce and coo over.


Also I noticed there was a lack of purposely thought out and planned photos and that bothers me. Yes, I took many photos of both my kids but, even as a photographer, I missed out on those photographs that will help me to remember how tiny they were. The photos to help me put it all perceptive, for example the size of their tiny hands. 

When I had my son I took some of those photos and swore to myself with my daughter, my second child, I would do the same or more. Alas, it frightens me how the daily chores of life get in the way to do that and my memory of the little things can only go so far. I'm not that young any more! I must consciously remember to photograph the kids on a regular basis. That is why I have been doing an on going project of my kids for the last few years. Although, I have even allowed that to take a backseat in my life. Now is the time to do more. I will post more photos from 'My kids, an on-going project' in a later post.


I thought this idea of looking back on the past to gain insight to aid the future, was so in keeping with how I need to address my growth on my own learning journey. So over the next few blogs, I will delve into my past and at the same time, look at ways how to grow as a mother, photographer and person.


Hope the photos in this post of my kids as babies (small and adorable) will inspire you to look at your own family photos and remember how precious your kids truly are. It is important to record these little moments as time flies by in such a fleeting moment. Next thing you know they are teenagers back chatting and asking for money to go out with their friends. It will be hard to remember the innocent little cuties they once were. 


Kind Regards,


Sarah x 



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