For all the Dads, Happy Father's Day

June 17, 2018

Well its Father's Day (to be fair only just - wee small hours in the night before which shows my dedication to this blog entry. :) 

I wanted to post some photos I took of my dad. He kindly posed for me when I was testing a new octagon flash soft box and I thought it was a great opportunity to get images of him as he doesn't like to be in front of the camera


He is a man in his early 70's, a man of few words, who likes his D.I.Y (correction it borders on obsession and he is truly good at it too), loves home improvement programmes, history documentaries and partial to a bit of Golf and rambling (not so much nowadays) and a good pint of beer or glass of wine. He may not like to be the centre of attention and shyly lurks in the background at family gatherings and allows my mum to run around after the grand kids but and this is a big BUT, he will always be there for me and my sisters when we need help. For that, we will forever be thankful and always in his debt.


He has been going through some digestion problems with his health recently and having medical tests to find the source of the problem. Thus, he has been resorted to doing a lot less than normal, luckily though, as he is retired he can mainly relax but it clearly frustrates him. It made me aware of how much I depend on his wisdom for guidance and his D.I.Y abilities. Thanks Dad, your garage of tools and expertise in using them really does come in handy, much to mum's annoyance.


Being a father, I'm guessing here, must be a hard job. Not as much as it is for a mother and yes I am sticking up for the fellow mothers. We rock ...FACT....but so do some of the dads. Honestly, it is hard, regardless what sex you are, to be a parent. So much pressure to be a good role model and there is no instruction step by step guide when you become one. If only there was one. To be honest, we have to blag our way and we are all struggling to some extent.


Dads probably feel like they have to be the super hero in the child's life compared to their other role models. To protect and shield them from harm and look amazing in the process so your child looks up to them.


Us parents want to mould our children into a better versions of themselves and ourselves. Steer them down the right path and avoid the errors we made, but in result, end up making little mini me's. Isn't that what all us parents are doing to some degree. Our main intention is learning through our mistakes and trying to pass that wisdom on to our children. We want our kids to be happy and we enjoy watching them grow into individuals but still hope a little bit of ourselves get imprinted into them to continue the legacy.


At the end of the day, all us parents are like swans on the water, trying to look graceful and like we know what we are doing and being calm etc but kicking our legs frantically under the water to stay afloat.


Its time we give some respect back to the parents, especially for the single parents who try to be 'dad and mom' role, and the hard working and plain strong minded parents, well heck all the parents, we are trying their best. Yes sometimes it may go a little wonky and we may lose it or be grumpy or be distracted with the little things but gee lets give back the love that they deserve. 


So I say this to all dads and mums out are doing a good job. Its hard and you are trying and we appreciate you. Your children will too in good time, somewhere down the line, probably when they too are parents or old adults. For now, you will catch a moment when your child looks at you with pure love and adoration then all else will melt away and you see there that it is all worth the strife and frustrations that parenthood can challenge us with. 


Dads, thank you for your guidance and and hard working persisitance to want to be our little one's super heroes. Some of you dads may not be 'there' just yet but man you will keep trying and others, you just need to drop your ego at the door and simply play with your children and that urge to be their Superman will simply emerge and show itself.

Most importantly, to my dad Richard Curtice, I love you and appreciate all you have done for me. Quite frankly, my parents are my rocks to learn on for support. You are so important in my life. Every parent needs to be appreciated by their child. Its that unconditional love and bond we instantly behold and fight to retain.


Also I can not forget my fiancee Rob, Happy Father's Day from Tyler and Sophie. They loved playing Pokemon Go and Fortnite with you this weekend and pretty much most weekends. We hope you enjoy the lie -in and dodgy breakfast I am bound to be burn. The kids love you and even though you are the stern one out of us two, they still want you to play with them and kick a football around.


So I raise my imaginary glass of vino to you Dads, lap up the love today, you deserve it.

Go have some 'you time' but mark my words, come tomorrow and the next day, you will be expected to go out in that back garden and be nagged at to play footie with your adoring kids or to pick up the phone to give a line of wisdom on how to fix something. So get ready to put your invisible super hero cape back on. They need you. Heck, we all need you.


Here are the photos of my super hero dad.  I wouldn't change him for the world. 


Sarah x












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